Five effective ways to detoxify your facial skin that you can do at home

With the impact of environmental pollution, unhealthy food, and chemical makeup, facial skin often has to face harmful factors. In addition to caring for the skin with cosmetic products, you also need to detoxify your skin regularly to achieve healthy and radiant skin. Today, let's explore 5 effective ways to detoxify your facial skin together with Nguyen Ba


"Little Tips" on Properly Storing Moisturizers for Optimal Effectiveness

During the use of various cosmetics, improper storage can lead to changes in product composition, rendering them less effective. Most importantly, altered products are more likely to cause skin irritation when used. So, how can you store moisturizers properly? Let's explore this topic with Nguyen Ba!


Benefits and Side Effects of Sunscreen You Need to Know

Sunscreen is an indispensable product in daily skincare routines, often praised for its various benefits. However, few are aware that sunscreen can also have side effects on the skin. Today, let's explore the ins and outs, both benefits and drawbacks, of sunscreen with Nguyen Ba!


Can chemical peels treat pigmentation?

One of the effective methods for treating pigmentation that has been widely discussed is chemical peels. However, some individuals still question whether chemical peels can effectively address pigmentation. Today, Nguyen Ba Chemical will provide answers to these queries in the following article.


Can Pregnant Women Use Makeup Removers?

Pregnant women are advised to be cautious and limit the use of cosmetics to ensure the safety of the fetus. The use of makeup remover during pregnancy is a concern for many expectant mothers. In this article, we will explore the topic "Can pregnant women use makeup remover?" and important considerations.


Can Sensitive Skin Undergo Peeling? Things to Note Before and After Peeling

Skin peeling is a familiar beauty method for many women today. This method can effectively and quickly address various skin issues, making it a popular choice. So, can sensitive skin undergo peeling? What should be considered before and after skin peeling? If you have similar questions, let's explore the answers in today's article.


Causes of Blackheads on the Nose and Effective Treatments

Blackheads, also known as "open comedones" or "blackheads," are a common skin issue that can appear in various areas, with blackheads on the nose being the most prevalent. Do you know the causes of blackheads on the nose? Let's explore the reasons and effective treatments for blackheads in this article.


Causes of Estrogen Deficiency and Effective Ways to Improve the Condition

Estrogen is one of the crucial hormones in a woman's body, playing a vital role in the development and maintenance of various essential functions. Estrogen deficiency can lead to rapid skin aging. Today, let's explore the causes of estrogen deficiency and effective ways to improve this condition.


Causes of Ingrown Hair in Different Body Areas

Ingrown hair is a common condition that can be bothersome for many individuals. Besides affecting the aesthetics of the skin, ingrown hair can also cause discomfort. Today, let's explore the causes of ingrown hair on various body areas and how to address this issue.


Chin acne: Causes and Fast Treatment

Chin acne is a common issue that affects both appearance and the psychological well-being of those who experience it. So, what causes acne on the chin? Does chin acne reflect an underlying health condition? How can this type of acne be treated? Today, let's explore these questions in this article.


Common Mistakes in Acne Skin Care to Avoid

During the process of skincare, choosing inappropriate or unscientific methods can not only be ineffective but also worsen the condition of acne. What are the common mistakes in acne skincare? How to properly care for the skin? Today, let's shed light on this issue through the following article!


Cosmetics with Gotu Kola Extract – The Secret to Radiant Skin

This article will help you understand the benefits of cosmetics with Gotu Kola extract, from the advantages for your skin to how they can improve your skin's health. Gotu Kola is not only a nutritious food but also a valuable ingredient in skincare.


Detoxify Your Skin Properly for a Fresh and Youthful Complexion

Taking care of your skin alone is not enough; in your skincare routine, you need to add the detoxification step to regularly eliminate toxins from your skin. Have you ever heard of the concept of detoxifying your facial skin? If not, let's explore this topic together today!


Do You Need to Use a Facial Cleanser After Makeup Removal?

When it comes to skincare routines, a common question is whether you need to use a facial cleanser after makeup removal. In this article, we'll explore the importance of facial cleansers in your skincare routine after makeup removal.


Glabridin India: What Is It? Benefits and Applications in the Cosmetics Industry

If you've come across the ingredient glabridin, you're likely a beauty enthusiast. However, not everyone is familiar with the specifics of glabridin. Today, let's explore what Glabridin India is, along with its benefits and applications. Join Nguyễn Bá Chemical in this journey of discovery!

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