Legal Consulting

Professional Legal Consulting, Ensuring Compliance and Protecting Business Interests in Complex Business Environments.

Support for Product Registration

We understand the complex regulations and procedures involved in registering products that use chemicals in different markets. With extensive knowledge of markets such as Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, the USA, Australia, and Canada, we provide professional legal consulting services to help you build accurate and efficient product registration dossiers.

Guidance on Product Features and Functions

Not only do we assist you in completing registration dossiers, but we also provide guidance on accurately stating the features and functions of your products according to the regulations of each country. Clear and accurate product information is essential for your products to reach consumers and target markets effectively.

Evaluation of Product Stability, Safety, and Essential Indexes

These are crucial indicators in the production and business of chemicals and cosmetics. If investing in testing equipment for these evaluations presents a challenge for your business, Nguyen Ba can help you achieve accurate results in the shortest possible time.

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