Research and Transfer

Nguyen Ba takes pride in being a reliable partner on the journey of turning your ideas into highly applicable products in practice.

Exclusive Formula Design for Brands

We understand that every brand aims to stand out in the market with unique characteristics. Therefore, our team of engineers at Nguyen Ba focuses on creating custom formulas based on our premium-grade raw materials, tailored to the specific requirements of our customers.

Pioneering New Trends

We regularly visit exhibitions worldwide to learn and absorb the latest technologies. With a spirit of foresight and meticulousness from research to production, Nguyen Ba commits to developing products that align with market trends and attract customers in the future.

Unlimited Warranty for Formulas

With every formula delivered to our customers, we provide continuous support for improvement and upgrades to ensure that your products maintain a strong position in the market. Additionally, Nguyen Ba offers guidance in evaluating the stability of your products to guarantee the highest quality and effectiveness for your brand.

Free Samples of Raw Materials and Finished Products

Given the nature of the chemical and cosmetics industry, products need to undergo usage tests to evaluate results. We are ready to provide free samples of raw materials and finished products, allowing you the opportunity to experience them before making an official decision.

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