Preparing Ingredients for Handmade Perfume as Gifts for Loved Ones


Preparing Ingredients for Handmade Perfume as Gifts for Loved Ones

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Nội dung

How to Make Handmade Perfume


Prepare Ingredients:

  1. Solvent:

   - 100 ml of alcohol at 60-75 degrees.


  1. Fragrance Oils:

   - Top notes: Citrus, mint, etc.

   - Middle notes: Rose, lavender, jasmine.

   - Base notes: Sandalwood, cedarwood, pine, ginger, vanilla.

   - Antioxidant fragrance oils like vitamin E for preservation.


  1. Tools:

   - Spray bottle or tightly-sealed perfume bottle.

   - Stirring rod or cap for mixing.




Step 1: Prepare the Solvent

   - Use high-proof ethanol or alcohol.


Step 2: Choose Fragrance Oils

   - Select the main fragrance oils, representing the dominant scent of your desired perfume.

   - Add a few drops of antioxidant fragrance oils like vitamin E for prolonged preservation.


Step 3: Add Preferred Ingredients

   - Incorporate optional ingredients such as dried flowers, bark to create a unique fragrance.

   - Consider adding some fresh flowers for a natural touch.


Step 4: Mix the Ingredients

   - Gently mix all the ingredients to ensure an even distribution of the fragrance.

   - Seal the bottle and let the perfume sit for 2-4 weeks to allow the scents to blend.


Step 5: Strain and Transfer to Bottle

   - Strain the perfume using a fine mesh sieve or filter to remove solid particles.

   - Pour the perfume into a spray bottle or perfume bottle, seal tightly.



- Test the perfume on a small patch of skin before using it to ensure there are no allergic reactions.

- To achieve the best final fragrance, store the perfume in a tightly-sealed bottle.


Enjoy the creative process and craft a unique perfume that you can truly call your own.


Reasons Handmade Perfumes Are Trending

Creating handmade gifts for friends is not only a way to show care but also an opportunity to express personal creativity and produce a valuable, individualized present. Handmade perfumes offer not only a unique scent but also various benefits. Here are some advantages of using handmade perfume:


  1. Personalized Fragrance:

   - Handmade perfume provides a unique and personal fragrance, reflecting individual style and preferences. Using handmade perfume creates a distinctive and personal olfactory experience.


  1. Natural and Safe Ingredients:

   - You can control the ingredients used in handmade perfume, minimizing the risk of harmful chemicals and allergens. Natural ingredients can be gentle on the skin.


  1. Reduced Environmental Impact:

   - Handmade perfumes can be created from natural and recycled materials, helping to minimize environmental impact compared to commercial perfumes.


  1. Creativity:

   - You have the freedom to choose each ingredient and ratio, creating a unique scent that reflects your personality and creativity.


  1. Minimized Allergic Reactions:

   - Natural perfumes may reduce allergies and fatigue compared to some chemicals present in commercial perfumes.


  1. Long-Lasting Fragrance on the Skin:

   - Due to the use of skin-nourishing ingredients, handmade perfume may retain its scent longer on the skin, enhancing stability and confidence.


  1. Positive Sensory Experience:

   - The creativity and personal effort invested in making handmade perfume can create a positive mental state, increasing interest and self-confidence when using the product.


With these benefits, handmade perfumes not only serve as beauty products but also symbolize autonomy and personalization in self-care.


Above is a guide on making simple handmade perfumes as gifts for loved ones. Wishing you successful creations and the joy of presenting unique gifts to your dear ones! Visit Nguyen Ba Chemical to explore high-quality and reasonably priced ingredients for making handmade perfume on the website. Contact us if you need support and advice.

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